Nutty Butter Popcorn Recipe

My mom makes Nutty Butter Popcorn every year beginning at Halloween and continuing through the New Year. It's delicious. It's gooey. And I love it. But I can't stop eating it when I'm at her house! (ask my sisters..I have been found scraping the carmel off the bottom of the bowl with a spoon). I knew this [...]

Peach Raspberry Overnight Oat Recipes

 I have a little obsession with overnight oats recipes, so I jump at any chance I have to try a different variation.  Since fresh peaches and raspberries are in season right now (and I think they make a beautiful duo), I tested them out this morning. Happy mama Peach Raspberry Overnight Oat Recipes approved!  If you haven't tried this [...]

Easy Summer Marinade

The kids have officially been out of school for 2 weeks, and I am officially ready for them to go back. Ha – I’m just kidding! Sort of. When summer hits, I try to make meals as simple as possible. Less time in the kitchen equals more time playing outside and enjoying the nice (and […]

The “Stevie” Drink

I posted a picture on Instagram (@trishallen) of my favorite Stevie Drink this week and had lots of requests for the simple recipe. I figured I’d post it here on the blog so it was archived. Let me introduce you to, YOUR favorite new drink…summer or winter, it is still a favorite.

PB&J Favorite Overnight Oats

If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know of my recent obsession with favorite overnight oats. If you are new to my blog, you will soon realize I kind of have this thing for overnight oats. You only have to try them once to know why I am head over heels for this mouth-watering breakfast. I love […]

Fruit Pizza

Summer! Summer! Summer! I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am that the warmer weather is here (to stay, I hope…)  I have always felt like Memorial Day weekend is the official kick-off for summer. It marks the day to bring out the flip-flops, bust out the swimming suit, take part of […]

Strawberry Pancake Roll-Ups

Yesterday Emma brought  home my Mother’s Day gift and insisted that I open it today. “No need to wait until Sunday”, she insisted. On the outside of the colored paper sack was a poem about Breakfast in Bed. I assumed there was some sort of breakfast deliciousness inside the pretty bag, and my assumptions turned […]

Breakfast Chocolate Chip Cookies

“Do you EVER have any treats?” Jesse and I get asked this question a lot. I mean, a lot.  And our response is, “of course we do!”  Jesse’s favorite treat would involve ice cream of some sort, and I have this hankering for a homemade chocolate chip cookies every now and then. I don’t make […]

Roasted Garlic Brussels Sprouts

If you would have told me ten years ago that I would be willingly eating AND enjoying brussels sprouts, I would have been peeing my pants from laughing so hard.  Seriously. Roasted Brussels sprouts were one of those foods I said I didn't like when in reality I hadn't even tasted them (anyone else do that?) Well, I am thoroughly enjoying my sprouts, [...]

Turkey Muffins

Recipe inspiration:  Jamie Eason and a recipe from my sweet coach, Sandy. Yes, yes, I know….”turkey” and “muffins” should NOT be used together. I get it. It’s like taco ice cream or meatloaf cookies. Gross. But believe me, these grab-n-go muffins are the real deal!  They are going down as one of my favorite lunches. […]

TABATA: No excuses!

It is Spring Break in certain parts of Utah this week (my part of Utah), and many of my friends and clients are out and about enjoying some of the warmer parts of our beautiful country. {Little jealous, but I’ll leave that for another post.} Many of them are wondering WHEN they will get their […]

Healthy Deviled Eggs

Easter is this weekend, and I must admit, this is one holiday that I get a bit nostalgic. My parents always do a Easter picnic in the mountains surrounding my childhood home. We would go hiking, have a cookout, hide Easter eggs, shoot clay pigeons or pop cans, and eat yummy food made by my […]

Butter Cakes

I am a sucker for peanut butter. Given the opportunity (and an extreme lack of self control), I could eat an entire jar with a spoon. In one sitting. It is no surprise that my favorite snacks involve this nutty goodness. One snack that I could literally eat every single day for the rest of […]

Greek Yogurt Chart

Greek Yogurt makes and appearance in a lot of my recipes, so I thought I’d post this substitution chart from Chobani for all to take advantage of.  I use Greek yogurt in my recipes because of it’s high protein content, thick and creamy texture, and its’ probiotics. Also try it plain with cinnamon and a natural sweetener […]

Overnight Oats

If I was asked what food I could eat every morning for the rest of my life and not get tired of eating…I would immediately blurt out OATS! I {heart} oats. I love them cooked. I love them in shakes. I love them in energy bars. I love them in gorilla poo. I even love them just […]

Gorilla Poop Recipe

Now before you wrinkle your nose up and tell me  how utterly gross I am, take a look at this picture and tell me the first thing that comes to mind… See… Gorilla Poop. But don’t let the “potty-mouth” name fool you. This little pile of ooey-gooey goodness is pretty much my most favorite snack right now, […]