Motivational Interviewing: Transform Your Conversations

Motivational Interviewing PrinciplesOftentimes, when you find yourself having a difficult time communicating with your family, it isn’t what you’re saying—it’s how you’re saying it.

Lyceum Training Center is proud to announce that Gordon S. Bruin—Clinical Mental Health Counselor, author, and communication expert—will be joining us for an afternoon dedicated to teaching the art of Motivational Interviewing.

You will gain valuable insights from Mr. Bruin that will enhance your communication with, and positively motivate, your spouse and children. We will cover important topics such as collaboration versus confrontation, autonomy versus authority, and methods for motivating change rather than imposing change.

If you would like to learn the principles of Motivational Interviewing and bring proven strategies for evoking positive change into your home, we hope you’ll join us.

  • Trish & Jesse Allen: 5 Steps to Achievement
  • Rachelle Chasebe.YOU.tiful – Being You and Loving It
  • Gordon Bruin: Motivational Interviewing, How to Communicate with Your Children & Spouse for Change

Date & Time

Date: Friday, December 6th
Time: 9am-1pm


$30 off when purchased in advance.


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