Banana Nut Butter Sandwiches

Banana Nut Butter Sandwiches

It’s no secret that I am in love with peanut butter. Like-eat-it-right-out-of-the-jar-with-a-spoon in love with peanut butter. Or almond butter. I’m not picky.

If you want to try a super-duper yummy summer (or any season) treat, try this one. It will not disappoint. It has peanut butter in it. What do you expect?

As a side note, I post most of these on my Instagram account, @trishallen, but I also like to document them here so you can find a recipe easily when you need it!

Nut Butter
Spread nut butter between 2 slices of banana, plop in the freezer, then eat until your heart’s content!

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